Photographer, director, editor.

Hyundai @ SEMA 2016


Hyundai takes the SEMA show in Las Vegas pretty seriously. This was the third year in a row we had done something larger than usual which coincided with a product announcement of the Elantra Sport. Combining the promotions teams need for "big sexy" shots of the tuner vehicles with everyone else's ask for good clean shots of the Elantra Sport and the social team's need for compelling teaser assets, we put together a cool shoot on the helipad above Dodger Stadium in Elysian Park.

I ran two sets on this particular shoot, one on the helipad which was shooting all of our large format photos and another one off to the side inside of a white tent that was shooting social assets. The helipad shoot was assisted by Ryan Speers who handled grabbing a lot of the insert shots I didn't have time to get. The master shot setup can be seen above. I'm at the computer shooting tethered while Ryan is setting up another camera above mine to the right. We captured two different angles and had just one large light source to make this work as the sun was setting. All in all, the master shot at the top was about 20 different photographs combined into one.

Below is the string-out video of what I shot for the social media team which is all of the original stock vehicles morphing into the tuner cars. Obviously some worked better than others but all-in-all I was fairly pleased with the result. Shot this using Capture One to help our alignment, edited the images in Photoshop, composited and animated in After Effects.