Photographer, director, editor.

Mega Nice

Mega Nice Neon Sign Animation


art director, Animator, modeler, rigger, lighter, editor - mega nice

I wanted to get a little more practice modeling things for animation in Cinema 4D so I created a fake brand called "Mega Nice", did an identity package, and created this animation of a neon sign featuring the typeface used in the branding elements. There were a few issues I had, most chiefly with getting the rubber connectors at the end of the neon tubes to look realistic. I'm still not satisfied with them but I managed to figure out other issues such as exorbitant render times and flickering global illumination that kept me pretty happy with the end result.

Each element was modeled from scratch and all textures were created by me with the exception of the metal sides of the 3D letters which was from a Greyscale Gorilla texture pack. The most challenging element to create was the coupling that holds the neon tubes onto the metal letters. This took a variety of extruding and bending techniques to get everything right as well as extra render time to do unnecessary but interesting details such as chrome plating on the mounting screws.

You can view the entire branding package here.

The music is a remix by Frank Wiedemann of Ry X's song "Shortline".