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New Work: Hyundai Ioniq Reveal Video

Recently I directed the reveal video for Hyundai's new Ioniq line of vehicles. In addition to directing, I edited, animated, composited, and colored the entire thing. We shot this near Anaheim, CA. on a sound stage with an in-floor turntable.

This was shot by my good friend and frequent collaborator Ryan Speers. This shoot was pretty challenging considering how straightforward the video concept was. First, we didn't have time to properly scout the location which is always a mistake. We didn't realize how large the crack in the floor was where the turntable was mounted so removing this in post was a crucial step. The stage was also much smaller than we were led to believe which meant that keeping reflections out of the car while the camera was moving (which was essentially every shot) was going to be very tricky.

Overall the video turned out great and we're all happy with the result.