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Announcement: "People Riding Scooter's Irresponsibly" & SHOP Launch

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JUST RELEASED! Click here to purchase.


“I’m super pleased to release my first self-published print project, “People Riding Scooters Irresponsibly”. Shot in Bangkok, Thailand, this little book is 28 pages of photos shot on one evening I spent drinking Singha beer in the street trying not to pass out from the 95 degree heat and 200% humidity. Each one of the images made me want to know these people’s story. Who were these people? Where were they going? Why were they riding their scooters so irresponsibly? These are the questions brought up and most definitely not answered within the pages of this book.

From the note inside, “These photos were taken in November 2016 at the Bangrak Bazaar in Bangkok. I had remarkably slow service sitting outside at a restaurant in the alleyway and decided to photograph people on scooters riding by engaging in varying levels of irresponsible operation. Some at least attempted to wear a helmet while others packed the whole family on board without thinking twice.” The photos feature teens texting while driving, entire families on a scooter meant for two, tattooed women blasting down side streets, school children, a badminton player, a little girl heading off to celebrate Loi Krathong, and more. 

I had these printed in the midwest and I’m super proud of the print quality. 6x9”, 28 pages on heavyweight 100# matte silk-coated paper, soft-touch cover coating (feels real nice), and in eye-wateringly full color. 

With Christmas around the corner, pick one up for your grandma, your boss, every newborn and toddler in your life, your pet, your landlord, your bathroom reading needs, and anyone else you think might appreciate a little book of photo observations. Hell, pick up three while you’re at it. “

Alex Frankel