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Travels: Bangkok


Bangkok was stop number two on a three part trip through eastern Asia. This wasn't my favorite stop but did produce my favorite photos from the trip. I spent five days in Thailand and while two would have been more than sufficient for Bangkok, I was glad to be able to take my time going to places and wandering around.

I've never been to a city where I felt like every physical surface was screaming at me the moment I stepped foot outside of my hotel. The heat, the noise, the smells, and frequently even the sights are overwhelming to say the least. It's not a place I'd ever like to spend significant time in again but I was glad to have had the experience.

My favorite moment of Bangkok was stumbling across the Loi Krathong festival in a temple near the Shangri-La hotel. I had no idea what it was and just followed the crowds in the middle of the night to the river where colorful floral rafts with candles were lit and set off to drift away downstream.