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Travels: Japan



This was the third and final leg of my trip through eastern Asia in late 2016. This particular portion was initially intended to be shot for an American magazine, however the arrangements fell through. I decided to take the trip anyway because I've always wanted to visit Japan, having had a longtime interest in Japanese architecture and design. And food. Holy shit, I love Japanese food.

I had two stops on this trip. 4 days in Tokyo and 1 day trip to Kyoto. I could have spent two weeks in Tokyo and not done it all but it was a nice introduction. Additionally Kyoto is easily a two-day trip but at least there's something for next time. The Shinkansen was a phenomenal way to get between the two cities efficiently and the train system in general in Japan is something to marvel at.

Some of my favorite shots are the nighttime in Shibuya and Shinjuku's Golden Gai district. Also the sheer amount of foliage in the urban areas of Japan is stunning.