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Travels: Singapore


Singapore was stop number one on my trip through eastern Asia in late 2016. Having never been to Asia, this was a fairly easy way to adjust to the climate. Pretty much everyone speaks English and all signage is English as well. I think Singapore gets unfairly criticized for lacking a general national identity but a few days there with a local friend (Emily, pictured throughout) was enough to seriously prove otherwise.

There's a ton of money in Singapore and that's evident through high end restaurants and bars spread throughout the city. I think we knocked out a good number of the tourist-oreinted things in a day or two but the nightlife in Singapore is endless. We went to nearly a dozen bars in the 3 days I was there and there was still so much to do and see. The food is excellent, the drinks are (albeit expensive) delicious, and the quality and number of art exhibits and modern public markets we were able to attend were much greater than expected.

I'd absolutely go back. Singapore was a lot of fun and it's a comfortable place for a Westerner like me to travel. While it may not be the most extreme trip you take, it's certainly different enough to remind you that you're far from home.